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Through It All, I'm a Hustler of Hope (with Frantz Berthaud)

Frantz Berthaud joins Nadia Imafidon for a conversation on individualism in the face of a global pandemic, a new way to approach to convincing unvaccinated folks to vax that thang up, and how white leaders obstruct diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by centering their own comfort and whiteness . Frantz lost his elder sister to breast cancer 4 years ago and shares her story as a cautionary tale of how the healthcare industry is failing Black women and other marginalized folks in a system lacking racial/cultural representation.

Frantz has dedicated his life to cancer care. As the Administrative Director of Disease Operations at Dana-Farber Institute, he is accountable for the personnel, finance, and clinical operations for the hospital's lung cancer and phase 1 centers. He serves in several boards and committees aimed at elevating health equity.

Frantz loves hip hop, New York pizza, and words. He, his wife, and soon-to-be 4 year old daughter live in Boston, MA.

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