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Cover art for That's No Longer My Ministry, a healing podcast for people who have never been centered.


a healing pod for people who have never been centered.

what do we need to reject in order to actively heal?

The problem is we are being taught how to take more hits. We are being commended for being resilient. For surviving a system that is designed to kill us. The overall narrative of healing is steeped in white supremacy. The "no pain, no gain," "hustle harder," "push through and power through," mantras are actually far more dangerous than we're allowing our minds to fully realize. ​But trust, our bodies already do...


I don't know about you, sis, but I am tired. I reject a world in which I have to rely on escapes in order to keep myself alive. That's no longer my ministry.

I've decided to reimagine a healing space that actually make sense for us, rejecting stories that are harmful to our identities.This is for those of us suffering quietly with depression; working through heinous experiments with new medications 'til we get it right; anxiously joining meetings and bracing ourselves for the microaggression of the day. For those of us hiding from ourselves because others' hate/violence has us out of sync with our being.

For me. A Black girl from the Midwest, chronically anxious, chronically depressed, carrying far more than my share for everyone else. These are the stories I wish I had heard all of those lonely years I couldn't stop denying myself freedom. This is a place for me to heal.


 intrusive thoughts  therapy     sex and pleasure    pain management
ancestral trauma 
   toxic relationships    boundaries   harmful myths

i'm your host, Nadia.

Nadia Imafidon, host of That's No Longer My Ministry, the podcast.

Created, produced and hosted by Nadia Imafidon, a Black woman who has spent way too much time trying to fit into a number of spaces that weren't and still aren't meant for her. But that's no longer her ministry.


From managing editorial teams to facilitating community conversations to executing go-to-market campaigns at Fortune 500 companies,  Nadia is a content strategist committed to delivering inclusive messaging, quality content and engaging programming for global audiences.


Nadia lives in Oakland with her plant babies, a reminder that with intentional care and years of patience, we can all reach our full growth potential.

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