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Innovation is a Black and Brown Thing (with Isaac Sanders)

Community organizer, creator and facilitator for 9 years, Isaac Sanders joins Nadia Imafidon for a conversation on becoming best friends with their depression and anxiety, not letting fear limit your choices, how whiteness will convince you there's no other way, and how 27-year-old Isaac built a magic fairy wall to nurture their 5-year-old self. Isaac (they/them) is a conversation with themselves and every other space that they occupy. A constant work in progress, they are committed to healing with restorative justice at their center. Sitting at the intersections of indigeneity, blackness, queerness and being a military brat, experience drives their practice. Isaac is in a chrysalis phase after surviving a global pandemic. At the end of the day, Isaac’s just trying to keep themselves and their house plants alive.

Resources from this episode:

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