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Episode 6: Mastering Manifesting and Crafting a Ritual Practice (w/ Alicia Caillier)

Black woman in tech, Alicia Caillier joins Nadia Imafidon for a conversation on the latest mercury retrograde period that tried to take us out, manifesting, crystals and how to shift your mindset and language to affirm the kind of life you've always believed you should be living.

In this episode, Alicia speaks to her calling to help others, whether it's hosting virtual dance parities and raising $53,000 for COVID-19 relief, or crafting ritual practices to support other people's healing journeys. Self-identifying as "a spiritual person having a human experience," Alicia started her own spiritual coaching practice called Coach Caillier, focused on helping people unblock themselves from whatever is holding them back from achieving their goals. She is currently studying to become a master manifester. Find her on Instragram: @CoachCaillier

Based in the Bay Area, by way of Louisiana, Alicia is currently a product manager at Facebook on the Creation Team.

Resources discussed in the episode:

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