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Welcome to That's No Longer My Ministry, the podcast!

Created, produced and hosted by Nadia Imafidon, this podcast that tells a different story about healing. Through one-on-one conversations, Nadia creates a space that honors the stories of marginalized folk actively purging years of programming and the consequence of never being centered. A place for acknowledging and moving through trauma. A place where radical self-liberation is sought, and no is a complete sentence. We don't have to hold onto the the things that no longer serve us. That's no longer our ministry.

What do you have to reject to actively heal in a way that honors all of your identities? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and drop us a note (and use #nolongermyministry ) to let us know what you're actively healing. Don't forget to subscribe where you listen to podcasts!

This podcast is a labor of love. Wanna love us back? Venmo: @nadia-imafidon. Cashapp: $nadiaoye61


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