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S2: Episode 1 Let's Talk Dirty with Mayookh Barua

"How clean does my gut need to be in order to trust it?" Listen here.

In this inaugural episode of season 2 of That's No Longer My Ministry, Nadia Imafidon chats with Mayookh Barua, a North Carolina-based prose writer from India who identifies as a proud queer man. We talk about the how the colonial enterprise, as well as the caste system, have provided a framework for people to exercise othering by alluding to BIPOC folks as "dirty", what it means to rebuild trust with yourself and others, and the roles skincare, gossiping and laughter play in our healing journeys.

Mayookh is always working on stories that reflect on art, queerness, and the politics of a family within the South Asian context. He has previously published at Crooked Fagazine, Mezosfera Magazine, MAP-Bangalore, and with upcoming features in kal-FICTIONS anthology, The Third Eye and The Audacity by Roxanne Gay. Follow Mayookh on IG to keep up with his work: @maymayuki20

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