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S2 Epi 3 The Magic of Shadow Work w/ Nellie Coffy

"Every time you unpack a shadow, every time you confront a pain, every time you have compassion for your fear, you're liberating someone else, too. And I think that's really magic." In this episode, Nadia Imafidon chats with Nellie Coffy, an entrepreneur, writer and artist working at the intersection of tech, creative liberation and wellness. We chat about building your own ladder as a Black entrepreneur (with tips on raising capital), feelings of worthiness and the healing work of crying, allowing yourself to be mad and confronting your own shadows.

Nellie is the co-founder and CEO of Sun Chaser, a next generation beverage brand on a mission to reimagine drinking. With her latest project, lightbeams, she shares personal stories on all things personal liberation, spiritual development and inner transformation. Some of her spiritual teachers include James Baldwin, Eckhart Tolle, and Gary Zukav.

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