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Episode 4: Undoing Colonial Trauma and Finding Liberation in the In-Between Spaces (with Aryn Tuazon

Descendant of Filipino immigrants, yoga instructor, and movement artist, Aryn Tuazon joins Nadia Imafidon for a conversation on perfectionism, survival mindset and breaking the cycle of toxicity by healing from ancestral trauma in community with other Asian femmes.

Born in the Bay Area, Aryn cultivates diverse dreamlands to access a sense of play, reimagine freedom, and feel alive through artistic movement, breath, and meditation. After feeling imposter syndrome and the weight of colonial trauma, she found herself in therapy, got a mindset coach, and recommitted to her dharma. Through her deeply personal spiritual practice and exploring indigenous Filipino roots in community, she’s found strength in wielding her sensitive nature to serve others. Now, she's gaining clarity of toxic patterns and embracing her most authentic and chaotic gemini self. She is passionate about uplifting others to tap into divine intuition and share their stories.

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