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Episode 13: The Miseducation of Black Philanthropy (with Nikia Washington)

Public servant, scholar of Black philanthropy, and organizer Nikia Washington joins Nadia Imafidon for a conversation on misconceptions of philanthropy, how the Black community contributes the largest portions of their salary to charity, and how the philanthropy industry needs to change to have the greatest impact for communities it aims to serve. She also speaks about releasing the toxic standard of "time = money" and how operating from this capitalist-driven concept of time is no longer her ministry.

In this episode, she shares a philanthropic effort close to her heart: her friend Princess is battling cervical cancer and embarking on a fertility journey so she can have her own children one day. Contribute $$ here.

Nikia views philanthropy as a gateway to reparations. Her passion for this work is rooted in her deep love for humankind and keen ability to connect things—people, ideas, places, resources, etc.—to create greater impact together. Kia knows she’s fortunate that as her career grows, she’s given a platform to deepen her relationship with her own culture, heritage and stolen history. Through a focus on community organizing and redistribution of resources, she’s been positioned to ask herself and own community critical questions like “What resources do I need more of?” “What resources do I expend too much of?” and “What resources do I hoard?”

Having spent years as a professional fundraiser, Kia is not afraid to make an ask - for herself, but mostly for her community and those far from the table of decision making and power.

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