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Epi 02: These Thoughts Don't Run You, Make Them your Soundtrack (w/ Alejandro Jon Sabillón)

Entrepreneur and artist from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Alejandro Jon Sabillón joins Nadia Imafidon for an energetic discussion on managing intrusive thoughts, releasing those harmful thoughts/feelings through breathwork and meditation, and pursuing the magic in your wildest dreams. And when we say wild, we mean, this man is on his way to creating the world’s first record label for robots.

Jon is the founder of Aigg, an artificial intelligence company focused on creating mystical, musical machines and the world’s first record label for robots. He is an award-winning DJ and producer having performed at clubs and festivals in the UK, Spain, Japan, the UAE, and the USA. He holds a masters degree in Global Entertainment & Music Business from Berklee College of Music and is currently in a post-graduate professional program for Artificial Intelligence through Harvard University.

He has 14 years of meditation experience with extensive study in Vipassana and Dzogchen practices and participation in retreats overseen by the Kwan Um School of Zen. In 2018 he became a United Nations Senior Ambassador for Sustainability for his work in equity and education. He enjoys cooking, animals, and astronomy. See his website here.

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