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Together, let's build our own healing narrative and the kind of life we don't need to escape from. 


That's No Longer My Ministry
the podcast

Welcome to That's No Longer My Ministry, a podcast that tells a different story about healing. Through one-on-one conversations, Nadia Imafidon creates a space that honors the stories of marginalized folk actively purging years of programming and the consequence of never being centered. A place for acknowledging and moving through trauma. A place where radical self-liberation is sought, and no is a complete sentence. We don't have to hold onto the the things that no longer serve us. That's no longer our ministry.

So we've been told...
It's the work for me.

What's no longer your minstry? ry 



I'm a Black storyteller 
exploring the consequence of selective storytelling.

I think we all have our own beliefs on what healing should look like, but are we spending enough time interrogating those narratives? Do they work for you in the fullness of who you are and the identities you hold? Are any of these stories harmful to your being? Are you brave enough to look at it and sit with it?​ What no longer serves you on your healing journey?

As a Black woman who has lived with depression most of my life, who then developed anxiety to keep up with grind culture (and to punish myself for the former illness), I can say wholeheartedly, these existing stories about healing don't work for me. I need something that places me at the center. I need something Black, sometimes messy, and non-binary AF. I need something that contributes to my liberation. And not something that perpetuates oppressive systems benefitting from my "resilience."

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